The instrument to reach immortality for everyone
Future superintelligent AI will be able to reconstruct a model of the personality of a person who lived in the past based on informational traces. This could be regarded as some form of immortality if this AI also solves the problem of personal identity in a copy-friendly way. A person who is currently alive could invest now in passive self-recording and active self-description to facilitate such reconstruction.

Not all types of information is equally good for digital immortality. Really good data should comply 3 criteria:

1) Have predictive power

2) Be unique

3) Have subjective and objective value.

These conditions will help us to design tests which collect the most useful data quickly and cheaply, and also helps with data compression, which is important for storage.

All 3 types of properties should be present in fact for it to be important for the digital immortality, as we could imagine situations where only one of the properties is present, and the fact is not suitable for DI:

- Predictive but not unique fact: number of fingers

- Unique but not valuable fact: the shape of the nail on the little finger

- Predictive and valuable, but not unique fact: pin-code from the bank card

The map of main ideas
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