Digital immortality now

UPDATE (March 2018): First version of our main product “Digital Immortality: Theory and Protocol for Indirect Mind Uploading” has been published. This is a free guide for personal uploading. We are happy to provide consulting on how to implement it.


Our mission is to provide a cheap and affordable instrument for immortality (potentially indefinite life extension) to everyone by the means of so-called digital immortality, that is preserving information about a human being for their future reconstruction.

We want to provide a reliable service of fixating important information about people, which could be used in the future to reconstruct their personalities with the greatest possible fidelity with the help of strong AI.

Our “know how” is the method of extracting the most unique, informative and valuable information about a person. We will use not only passive recording but a variety of tests for actively extracting information.

Our approach combines our knowledge of neuroscience, information and art theories and results in an “uploading protocol”, which extracts as much information as possible with the current level of technology.

It is predominantly aimed at the elderly, who possess valuable information which is threatened by diseases such as Alzheimers or death.

Our goal is to provide a service for uploading, resulting in tangible video output, which could be used as a family memory but also a more complex data pool for future AI which includes EEG and all other available information channels.