We plan to finish our protocol in 2017, and start to sell digital immortality as service.

It will be presented on three levels : short, normal and advanced. Short version are aimed on older people with small budget, and aimed to preserve basic information about their personality. It would take around 3 days. We hope that the price for it would be around 1000 USD.

Normal version would be longer and will require intensive cooperation of the subject like wearing passive recording devices.

Advanced version means joining our team for collaboration in deep scanning experiments. 

Our product will be presented on two levels: one is intended to be used by future AI, we just collect information and preserve it. Another one is a movie about a person, which could be used by public and relatives now in order to lear better about the person.


Other areas of business:

  1. Roadmaps. Working on Digital Immortality roadmap, pdf and other roadmaps.
  2. Identity problem. Working to solve the identity problem to ensure digital immortality.
  3. AI development. Using AI to predict human behaviour based on life-logging data.
  4. Life logging solutions. Creating a universal system for life logging.
  5. Storage. Using eternal discs, secret hoards, distributed blockchain solutions for long term and secure preservation of personal information.
  6. DNA sampling and storage.
  7. Combined life extension, cryonics and digital immortality solutions.